Ministry Class Sessions (tentative)

Class Sessions Schedule

Thursday (5/11)  9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. & Friday (5/12)  9:00 a.m. – 12 noon

The ministry classes will be presented on Thursday (all day) and Friday (morning). Many of the classes will be repeated in each session to allow participants an opportunity to attend the classes they desire.

Access-Ability Ministry

  • Starting a Ministry for Individuals with Physical Challenges
  • Ministering Effectively to Persons with Physical Challenges
  • Providing Accessible / Accommodations

Altar Workers Ministry

  • Learn how to organize your prayer room
  • Effectively utilizing your altar workers ministry

Armor Bearers

  • Learn how to protect and serve God’s leaders
  • How to understand your calling
  • How to have a servant’s heart and mind

Audio Ministry

  • Efficiently operate your audio equipment
  • Market your church through your audio ministry
  • Q & A with audio team

Business Administration

  • Increase your church revenue
  • Church Accounting: Programs, Policies and Principles
  • How to Start a Non-Profit Affiliate

Children’s Ministry

  • Learn how to run an innovative and safe children’s ministry
  • Learn how to start a puppet ministry
  • Illustrated sermons–Experiencing the Bible

Christian Education

  • Increase your Christian Education participants
  • Learn Creative methods of teaching Christian Education
  • Formulating elective courses

Comforter’s Ministry

  • Learn how to start and run a Comforter’s Ministry
  • Effectively handling hospitals and shut-in visits
  • Assisting church members during bereavement


  • Effectively Branding Your Ministry
  • Social Media Success
  • PR Expert Pam Perry (More Info)

Dance Ministry (**See note below)

  • Advancing your dance ministry
  • Dance Choreography
  • Illustrated sermons and dance

Deacons and Trustee’s Ministry

  • Learn how to work well with your Pastor
  • Learn how to effectively run this ministry
  • Deacon & Trustee duties

Entrepreneur’s Ministry

  • Learn how to start an entrepreneur’s ministry
  • Expand your entrepreneur’s businesses

Executive & Administrative Assistants

  • Raising the bar on Office Management

Graphics Design & Printshop Ministry

  • Design techniques for beginners
  • Advanced Design (Photoshop tips)
  • Photography for your church

Guidance and Education Ministry

  • Learn how to facilitate scholarships for youths and coordinate graduation ceremonies
  • Educational and Business Fairs

In-Grace Repertory Drama Ministry

  • Illustrated Sermons
  • Setting up a drama ministry
  • Drama as a ministry

Information Technology Ministry

  • Website Development Overview / Using Technology in Ministry (Technical Audience) Thursday AM
  • Technology vs. Budget: The Struggle for Balance (General Audience) Thursday PM
  • Falling Forward: Q & A with the IT Team (Technical Audience) Friday AM

Medical Response Ministry/Healthcare

  • How to start a Medical Response Ministry
  • How to work with your security ministry and ushers

Men’s Ministry

  • Increase participation in your men’s ministry
  • Learn how to sponsor exciting programs

Mime Ministry

  • How to start a mime ministry
  • Creating innovative illustrations

Ministerial Ministry

  • Running a successful ministerial staff to support the Pastor
  • Learn how to organize your ministerial staff into operating teams

Missionary Ministry

  • Altar workers training
  • Intercessory Prayer and Spiritual Warfare
  • Covering your pastor with prayer

Music Ministry

  • Praise and Worship for this day and beyond
  • Organizing your music ministry

New Members Ministry

  • Coordinating orientation classes
  • How to create an auxiliary fair and integrate new members

Overcomers Ministry

  • How to start an effective support group
  • Health information
  • Effective intercessory prayer
  • Supporting those facing cancer

Prayer Center Ministry

  • Effective phone counseling
  • Visitor and New Convert Follow-up
  • Learn how to coordinate a prayer line

Prison Ministry

  • How to coordinate prison visits
  • How to provide effective religious services for the incarcerated

Security Ministry

  • Learn how to maintain order during events
  • Providing effective security for your pastor and others
  • Providing security during offering time

Street Outreach Ministry

  • How to minister to the homeless and forgotten
  • Special Outreaches to meet needs in your community

Substance Abuse (Grace) Ministry

  • How to Start a Substance Abuse Ministry
  • Using God as the center of Total Recovery from Addiction

GGT Marriage Ministry

  • How to minister to family needs
  • How to plan a successful marriage retreat
  • Organizing an anniversary stroll

Ushers/Greeters Ministry

  • How to make your visitors feel welcome
  • Serving the congregation
  • Serving during Special events/occasions

Video Ministry

  • How to start a video ministry
  • Learn how to take your video ministry to another level
  • Preparing for television productions

Women’s Ministry

  • Learn how to take your women’s ministry to another level
  • Learn how to put on a successful conference or retreat
  • Creative Fundraising programming

Youth & Young Adult Ministry

  • Learn how to get your teenagers excited
  • Strategies for a successful youth and young adult ministry
  • The keys to reaching and motivating young adults


A list of all classes and class times will be provided inside your registration packet. You’ll receive your materials when you check-in here at the City of David. Questions?  Call us at 313-543-6000

**The Dance Ministry will be an actual dance workshop series.


You should come prepared with workout outfits and be prepared to dance. Each session will deal with a different aspect of dance ministry. Although not required, participants will likely want to attend all 3 classes.